What Makes Us Whole

Finding God in Contemporary Life

Life is a journey in search of wholeness. From our earliest moments until our last conscious breath, we are building the person that we are.
This book discusses some of the factors that contribute to our wholeness:
* awareness of being loved,
* a sense of ultimate purpose,
* a consistent personal value system,
* freedom, and
* emotional well-being.
A chapter is devoted to each of those points. Whatever our circumstances, the extent to which those factors have been realized in our lives is the extent to which we will consider our lives to have been authentic and fulfilling.

“God saves us” means that God reaches into our lives and leads us towards wholeness. That is the Good News that is proclaimed in the New Testament.
In the second half of the book, we consider language about God that is worthy of belief, after identifying some ways of speaking of God that are inadequate – ideas that many of us learned as children (God as an old white man sitting on a throne in the sky, God as a warrior, God as causing everything that happens in the world), but that we now realize are no longer adequate foundation for mature adult faith.
God knows us and loves us for who we are, and sets us free to be true to ourselves. God helps us to be wise and to make sense of our lives; God supports us as we try to make good choices, and to have the courage to do what we know is right; God forgives us when we sin, and offers to overcome our failures, heal us, and lead us ever onwards towards wholeness. God’s saving love does not end at our death. If we are open to the transforming power of God, we will succeed in our life-long quest for wholeness.

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