Language of the Heart

How to Read the Bible: A User’s Guide for Catholics

Language of the Heart is an introduction to the bible intended for readers who are not familiar with the scriptures or with modern ways of understanding what the authors are expressing in the various literary works of art that make up the bible.

The first edition of Language of the Heart has sold several thousand copies in 13 years. A revised version is now available including several additions that make the book an even more comprehensive introduction to the Bible.

The book is a written record of the courses Noel has taught for many years. It was published by the “official publisher” of the Roman Catholic bishops in Canada, so it represents a mainstream Catholic position about the Bible. In spite of the word “Catholic” in the subtitle, the book has been very well received by Christians of many denominations.

Few readers will have the energy to read this book from beginning to end. The best method is probably to read the first two chapters, and then use the table of contents to read about parts of the bible that interest you.


Language of the Heart won an award from the Catholic Press Association in the USA in 2004. Their citation reads in part: “We have rarely found a text that offers all of the following: insightful scholarship, readable sophistication, as well as respect and encouragement for an individual’s faith.”

Catholic Press Association

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