Gospel Overtures - Table of Contents

The Message of the Christmas Stories in Matthew and Luke


Introduction: Gospel Overtures

Chapter 1: Background: The New Testament Context
1. Jesus’s Most Important Teaching
2. Biblical Truth and Historical Fact
3. The Development of the New Testament

Chapter 2: The Christmas Stories In Matthew
1. Introduction
2. Matthew’s Use Of Prophecy
3. Matthew’s Genealogy
a) Jesus, The Messiah, The Son Of David, The Son Of Abraham
b) The Genealogy: Five Women

3. The Annunciation To Joseph
a) He Will Save His People From Their Sins
b) The Virgin Shall Conceive

4. The Magi Come To Jerusalem
a) King Herod

5. The Visit Of The Magi
a) “Journey Of The Magi”

6. The Escape To Egypt

7. The Massacre Of The Children

8. Migration To Nazareth

9. Conclusion

Chapter 3: The Christmas Stories In Luke

1. Introduction

2. Characteristics Of Luke’s Community And The Gospel

3. Structure Of The Infancy Narrative In Luke

4. Two Annunciations And The Visitation
a) The Role Of John The Baptist
b) The Annunciation To Zechariah
c) The Annunciation To Mary
d) Mary Visits Her Cousin Elizabeth
• Jesus’s Connection To John The Baptist
• Mary’s canticle of Praise and Thanks

5. Two Births And The “Presentation In The Temple”
a) The Birth And Naming Of John The Baptist
b) The Birth And Naming Of Jesus
• Shepherds And Angels

6. The Presentation Of The Child In The Temple

7. Concluding Episode: The Young Man In The Temple

Summary: Gospel Overtures